Happy Diabetes Awareness Month 💙

20 Nov

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month 💙. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four. 

Although this chronic degenerative disease affects millions of people worldwide, it is highly misunderstood and infrequently discussed. On a daily basis It involves dehibilitating low blood sugars often causing us to loose physical and cognitive functions, high blood sugars that make us indescribably ill and damage our organs, micromanaging every morsel of food we consume and amount of physical activity we partake in, calloused finger tips from constant finger pricks, daily injections of insulin, and it forces us to act as our own pancreas with the hope that we won’t face complications they tell us are inevitable. The stress of this disease affects us physically and mentally everyday and even though we look “fine” many days it’s hard for us to even get out of bed. It riddles us and our family members with fear and worry and to put it simply, it’s a constant battle.


Diabetes is HARD — but I want to highlight some of the positives it has done in my life. It’s made me more resilient, accountable, and most of all THANKFUL! It’s taught me to believe in miracles after I had my daughter because they told me I could never have children. I feel so blessed to have such an incredible support system and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to wake up everyday and keep fighting! I hope that every diabetic continues to remember that we aren’t alone and that we belong to a huge community of fighters. ❤️

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